How it works

With our V52 app you have access to all relevant satellite and radar images with a resolution of up to 15 cm per pixel. We deliver within 24 hours. In the dashboard, you can assign image searches and analyses to us, edit your images and searches, and visualize them as needed.

Image search

You are looking for satellite images? We will find them for you. With the best commercial satellites from Maxar Technologies, Planet Labs or Airbus. Razor-sharp from any place on earth.


You want to observe the future from space? We'll capture it for you. And specifically commission a high-resolution satellite to observe the earth for you. You decide when and where.


You want to search for deforestation from space, identify front lines, count cars, detect buildings or heat islands or analyze droughts? We will be happy to advise you on your research.


You want to visualize your research right away. Whether timelapse or slider, whether scrolly or in 3D. We stage your research so that you can easily integrate it into your CMS and publish it.


You want to see more in your pictures? We sharpen them for you. With our editing tool, we can achieve up to ten times the resolution.