We do satellite journalism

We provide publishers, broadcasters and NGOs with images, data and topics from space. And help them understand, analyze, visualize and tell stories that convert.

Your access to space

With our V52 app you have access to all relevant satellite and radar images with a resolution of up to 15 cm per pixel. We deliver within 24 hours. In the dashboard, you can assign image searches and analyses to us, edit your images and searches, and visualize them as needed.

Access to all relevant satellites
Resolution up to 15cm per pixel
Delivery within 24h
Image editing
Analysen on demand
Personal support

Use Cases

Hundreds of stories can be told from space. We bring them back to earth. Discover our research, which we have realized with or for our customers.

What customers say about us

First newsroom from space

We want to establish satellite journalism as a new discipline of journalistic work. Because what used to be the preserve of the military and intelligence services opens up completely new research opportunities for journalists. That's why we founded Vertical52 in 2023. In Berlin - on the 52nd latitude.