Investigation from Space
Du suchst Satellitenbilder?

Wir finden sie für dich. Innerhalb von 24 Stunden von jedem Ort der Erde. Wir haben Zugriff auf alle relevanten Satelliten und liefern gestochen scharf in einer Auflösung von bis zu 15cm je Pixel.

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Hundreds of stories can be told from space.

We bring them back to earth. Vertical52 supports journalists and NGOs in finding, evaluating and visualizing satellite and radar data. >>

You want to observe the earth?

Looking for satellite imagery? We'll find them for you - at any time since there have been satellites. Would you like to photograph the future from space? We catch them for you. You want to analyze satellite or radar data, write an email or subscribe to our Newsletter.


Vertical52 is a company initiated by Marcus Pfeil and Michael Anthony. Founded in 2022 in Berlin - on the 52nd degree of latitude. >>.